Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Freaked Myself Out

Last night I ended up finally turning off my light at midnight due to totally getting back into a book. Right before I fell asleep I felt something brush/crawl on my hand, it was most likely my hair, but in my tired mind I thought "Spider" right before I blinked off. Forty Five minutes later I had a VIVID half sleep half awake hallucination that a snake, a viper, was hanging off my reading lamp and was posed to strike me. So I hit the lamp, SCREAMED LOUD, and ran to the light switch on the other side of the room. My screaming woke up Betty who is the hardest dog to rouse, who ended up barking her head off and Archie freaked out and tried to hide behind my legs. Once I was up, I was really still half asleep because I had to search my entire bed and area around my bed for a snake. I still swear that I felt it again in the folds of my sheet. My dream mind was convinced that the viper was waiting for me somewhere, so I kept waking up through the night thinking I was just a heartbeat away from being bit. But my logical mind was so aware that I was freaking myself out. Damn, it sucked, and I have been thinking about that snake all day. I am a dork.


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