Monday, July 09, 2007

Orange twilight

Today was the first day that marked the slow turn into the end of summer for me. School supplies are showing up in the stores, with aisles and aisles of Primary colored packages. I saw bathing suits on clearance today. I scheduled an appointment for September today. I saw pumpkins and pine cones at the craft store. I stood on the edge of the redneck water slide pool and felt all the sun warmed water ribbon past my ankles and feet. I painted my toenails today a deep dark red. I started a scarf that promises to be warm and cozy. I flipped through pages of learning in the college catalog today. I made a list of school needs for Alex including a new lunchbox, underwear, and a proper jacket. I happily mulched up my slowly dying flowers under the tree and thought about mums. I listened to Alex sing Hey Delilah on the way home tonight, and felt the slow turn of time. I could feel age and transitions. I came home and stared at my wrinkles and 30ish skin, and lathered on the contents of a small green jar. I looked around our home and saw lived in signs from the last 3 years. I looked around and saw a patina gleam to everything instead of the bright shine of Summer and Spring. Can you see it?


lis 1:29 AM  

I shopped for back-to-school things today. A new year's cycle about to begin in less than a week.

But I will hold on to summer as much as possible. Our warmest summer months are still to come and my first *real* burn has only just finished peeling (dumb me).

we should talk about skin renewal. i am rounding that corner myself. =)

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