Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Doctor wears Prada

Today was the day for me to see the doctor due to a high blood pressure reading I got a week ago. So after talking it over with Casey and my mom (whose health history I seem to be following), I made an appointment knowing that I would have to be paying out of pocket. Luckily everything turned out to be MORE then fine at the doctor's office, with only the suggestion that I might want to lose some weight (duh!). But I figured since I was talking to her to have her check out a bump I have had on my shoulder for three+ years, with skin cancer fears in the back of my mind. Turns out it is just a small cyst and there is no reason to bother it since it seems to be decreasing. When I was checking out with another appointment for next week to get some blood work done, I found out that I got to pay my doctor another $35 just to look at the bump on my shoulder. That means she earned $35 for that minute. Seriously, that is ridiculous, which I told her so. I was also really tempted to tell her that her gold Prada shoes were tacky, but ummm, I chickened out. Damn why does health care have to be so expensive??


lisa 1:56 AM  

health care prices make me sad! i think it is a really bad cycle now with the sick cost of med school and malpractice insurance. plus all that other stuff i don't know about.

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