Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Zen and My Pontiac Maintence

When I was early early pregnant with Alex I drove a lovely car, MaryAnne, a 66 Buick Special, and she saved our lives in an accident on the 5/78 interchange. Because poor MaryAnne was so abused I started driving my Del Sol again, and I drove my fun funky sassy little car right up until Alex was born. But both Casey and I agreed that a Del Sol, a two seater, was not the right car to be tooting around with our newborn in. So we bought another car to be best pals with Casey's Neon. We bought our Pontiac Grand Am, and she was good, sturdy, dependable. But then I started driving her more and more and honestly I am not the easiest person on a car. I can burn through brakes like they are french fries and well things just seem to happen.

Seven years later, she is still with us, but lately her increasingly angry Check Engine light comes on. She has been in twice for her check engine light in the last month and this morning she flashed it at me again. AGAIN!! I get it, your used and abused and somethings wrong, by WHY?! oh WHY?! do you have to be broken again one week after we get you back??

What's that? You think you need a long vacation from Nicole's driving? Well sweetheart, we might just be able to arrange that if we can talk a MiniVan into taking me on.

Damn car.


lisa 9:58 PM  

the progression of nicole and her cars! LOL

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