Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Head in the Sand

I have been avoiding a major event this is coming up soon. It's a big number change, a change that Casey has been living well for six months but I have stubbornly ignored for myself. I am turning 30. Holy Crap. What the hell have i been doing since I turned 21? That is the last major birthday I can collectively remember. Not that my 8 birthdays since then haven't been fabu, because they have. I have just been busy with a kiddo a husband a move across the country a house and 5 dogs. Wow, I bet my mom and dad feel old!! And it also means that I have been with Casey HALF MY LIFE. Now that is a thought to chew on. Can you see my crows feet from there? Because I have them as well as my paternal grandmothers butt (or so my mom said this week). So here's too being 11 days away from the first third of my life passing. Whew, it went by fast!


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