Friday, April 06, 2007

A Good Friday

Tonight during a dinner of shepard's pie and country bread Alex said that he doesn't heard God in his head. I started rambling away at the lips when Casey stopped me with the best explaination ever.

" You know when you are thinking about something that you have to make a desicion on and you can't decide which choice to make, and all of a sudden you know. And you know it is the right choise? Well that is God talking to you in your head."


It literally brought tears to my eyes immediately and I said the only thing I could, " I love you so much. What a beautiful thing to say." Not to speak for my man, but just to speak of him, he has faith ,solid faith that is there but layered deep. Alex and I regularly attend church, a big fun church that sends us home happy thoughtful and at peace. Casey has come to church with us for those special days, but he mostly handles his faith solo. For such wonderfully poetic words of faith to tumble from my husband's lips, it was breath taking and tear puddling and heart filling. I love moments like that, moments of faith.


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