Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Proof that Shelter Dogs can be Divas

I got Betty groomed today for a stellar deal, Free! My neighbors groomer just hired a new groomer and she needed to test her out, so I got Betty groomed for free AND they gave her a makeover to use in their photobook. Betty now looks like a Diva, you can actually tell that she is part Poodle, she is adorned with a new rhinestone pink collar, blue bows, and a Shabby Chic Polo. She seriously danced out the door to me and hasn't stopped celebrating Betty style which includes lots of rolling, kissing, and romping around the house.

What more can a Shelter girl ask for? She is Our My Fair Lady!

This is where I beg you to go to your Shelter, find a forever friend and celebrate their new life with you. I will never go to Breeder when there are lovable specials dogs that need homes and families in the worst way at our local shelters. This is why we look and open our doors every month to any size pups that needs a home. Even if it is a temporary one.

Doing this has taught Alex some of the most valuable lessons, he knows how to care for something living with love and compassion. He knows how to train dogs and read new dogs for friendly signs. He knows the Joy of finding a home for a pup, how to celebrate the love that they bring to their new owners. He knows how to love and embrace life. He knows that anyone, no matter what their situation, Can help others.

So spay and Neuter your pets, stop unwanted litters, and support your local shelters. They need all the help and support they can get. Even it is only picking up a couple cans of food a month, or donating your old towels and blankets. Contribute as an Angel sponsor to dogs and cats who need to be treated for heart worms. Or even taking an afternoon and going in to give a shelter pet an hour of time, playing, loving, snuggling, bringing them some joy. Just give a bit and know that your little bit is a generous contribution. Educate yourself on the needs, which are many and great.

I promise you, it will make a difference.

Here is Betty's shelter story, she was horribly abused by her previous owners. So much so that the police forced the people who owned her to surrender her to them when the police went there on a domestic violence call. She was treated for heart worms at the shelter through the loving support of an Angel Sponsor. We literally stopped by on a fluke, we all ready had three dogs at home. But we had been looking for a small dog to keep indoors, preferably an older female. In the last kennel building, Alex spotted a small bit of black fur hiding in the corner, trying to stay away from the two other dogs in the room with her. We quickly found someone to bring her out to us. When she came out the door slowly and cautiously, the first thing she did was give a welcome lick to Alex and we immediately knew she was coming home with us. She was horribly shaggy and matted, and we could tell that she had cataracts. She was an old girl who had had a hard life and needed a special home to spend the last couple years of her life in. An hour later we brought her home.

For the first week she did nothing put stay curled up, out of the way, trying to blend in and not bring attention to herself. She approached us cautiously, but she wanted love so desperately. Betty immediately bonded to me, she slept on my side of the bed and would climb into my lap anytime I sat down. The first night she opened up, Casey and I were floored at her lovable playful demeanor. She was flirty and frisky and Adorable! In that time frame we got her groomed, fed her special food to help her coat and skin, and showered love on her. She fit right into the pack of pups we had all ready, they immediately excepted her and seemed to recognize a fellow shelter pup. In the last 4 months we have had a couple hick-ups where she was immobilized by fear and reacted defensively. So we have learned to shelter her from stressful situations. She has learned how to climb up and down stairs and how to eat food from her bowl instead of grabbing a bit and hiding around the corner to eat it. She has become loved. And to think someone beat her, shot her with BB's that are still under her skin, starved her, and neglected this love muffin. Luckily for us we saw the diamond in the rough and celebrated her new life with us and our crazy pack of pups.

So if you are looking or have room in your hearts and homes for another pet, please go to your local shelter and find a Betty to love.


Penny 1:06 PM  

She looks so precious!

It's good to know there are kind people like you out there helping out the puppies who need it.

gina 10:33 PM  

hahaha, I love Betty! The outfit is awesome! YAY to free grooming!

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