Sunday, January 21, 2007

Welcome to 1995 and everything after.

Casey decided to finish cleaning up his office today which really means it meant me getting the rest of my boxes out of his closet. So now I have an additional 4 boxes sitting my in craft room. Oh but the treasure trove they hold, all my CD's. To think that I had gotten rid of them, a couple hundred have been sitting in boxes in our house, they made the trip from San Diego to San Antonio and this whole time I thought that they might be taking up space in a landfill somewhere. Sifting through the stacks and stacks of CD cases immediately made me giddy and filled me with music moments from highschool and college. One box I know hasn't been opened since 1999 was still taped shut wit Nicole's Desk scrawled across it, inside lingered many many CD's, a pair of UGG slippers I didn't know I had, candles, incense sticks, a music box full of rose buds from various bouquets given to me and a flyer on daycares.

To think I have have been living all these years forgetting about my Color Me Bad CD, oh the angst this caused my Dad when he bought it and played I wanna Sex You Up in the car on the way home. I think that was when I knew he didn't really listen to my music. But low and behold, it was my Dad who introduced me to Chris Issak, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Windham Hill.

As I make my stacked playlist for the rest of the day, I keep running across empty cases and it makes me wonder where that Cd ran off too. Did I leave it in my CD player of my Del Sol when we turned it in? Did it fall out of my car as we did Chinese Fire Drills on College Blvd? Did I lose it to a CD snitching friend from my sorority? Where or where did my K's Choice CD go to?

So now it is time to switch it up from Ashley MacIssac to Trainspotting to The Crow soundtrack to Baby Fox to Beacon Street No Doubt to Suzanne Vega to the Doors. Blissful Music Moments.


staceyfike 4:16 PM  

yep i remember those oldies fondly!!!

lisa 10:19 PM  


sometimes we get caught up and think we need to pourge things from our life...but when we have them back they remind us of who we were! niiiice!

think of me when you hear CMB's "All-4-Love!"

nicole 12:17 PM  

omg. color me bad...get out! too funny!

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