Monday, January 08, 2007

Something Somewhere to the rescue!

Something somewhere taught me to use a credit card to scrap ice off your wind shield if you needed to de-ice it in a pinch. Thank goodness I had that mini tidbit of info squirreled away in my mind because today on the way to school, I had to pull over, only two houses from ours, and scrap the windshield due to a lovely spray of ice that froze itself to the glass when I accidentally hit the dang wiper fluid arm. Gah! But my triple A card came in handy! It was blissful to walk back in the door and head up to my craft space to thaw out. My craft space is the room that gets the most air (hot or cold) pumped into it since it use to be a great room before divided into two. Now I am tackling a reorganization of Casey travel folder since it has fallen into mess due to the holiday crazies! Why oh why don't I just stay with my routine's and habits?!


Lisa 10:14 PM  

mmmm cozy craftroom

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