Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive

And I'd like to stay that way...

My sweet gentle boy is so sensitive. Tonight we had to go over his hard to lose emotions over the loss of Honey Bear, who has been gone for all most a year and a half. Between snuggles and hugs and wiping his tears, I thought we had it settled for the night, then I heard him crying some more when I had left the room. I came back with more hugs and snuggles, Daddy came in with Twain and had puppy loves, and still my sensitive sweet boy is sniffling.

I was about his age when we gave up one of "my" cats, Bree. As an adult I can see why she was given up, she pee'd everywhere! But it was heart breaking for me, it was something that I dwelled on for months. I can even remember the white kitty sticker I put on my school book cover and wrote, I miss you Bree on it. I think as an only child you rely on those pet friendships. They become our consistent after school companions. And when they are gone whether back to the human society or over the fence into the greenbelt, it is a hard loss to get over.

Tonight Alex was telling me his favorite qualities of Honey Bear, she never licked him too much ans she would pull him around. Two simple basic qualities that made our little boys heart well up and overflow like a pot of honey. When I mentioned that Bella loves to give him kisses and follows him around whenever he is outside, he simply said she licks too much. Which just goes to show that some kissy licks are well placed and are priceless.


staceyfike 10:42 PM  

awww....how sweet! i still remember my dog that "ran away" when i was young...her name was prissy and she was a princess!!!!

Nancy 11:50 AM  

When you say "gave up" do you mean gave away? Or put to sleep? I'd never heard that terminology before & am curious.

Nicole 1:20 PM  

When I said gave up, I meant that we returned her to the no-kill animal shelter that we adopted her from. The only time we have ever put an animal down has been when they were truly sick or very very old. In the case of our big old dog Moose, his back hips were failing and he could no longer get up from a down position. When standing for any longer then 3 minutes he would collapse. We ended up putting him to sleep the winter before his 11 year. In my time we had put down 3 animals and had one pass away naturally. We have also rescued over 20 dogs since we have been here in Texas.

gina 3:49 PM  

what a sweet kid.

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