Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Engineering Genius

Behold my Bugman's engineering genius with the train tracks and random blocks ( and ignore the random playroom carpet stains). Seriously my kid loves his old tried and true toys so much more now that we purged his playroom again. With the varied game stations as evidence on the table behind him, the tub of actions figures and the out of sight bookcase of toys you would think he would switch things up a wee bit. But nope, this train track designer ( Six-TEEN DEE-ziners!) has been happy content and CLEANING UP (oh my stars) everyday for a week. Hooray! Hell he could teach TXDot a thing or two about designing freeways.

Whoa, what is Scooby-Doo doing? I didn't have the heart to tell him today that Scooby-Doo creator died. But what does a 6 year old care as long as he can watch his Scooby Dvd's still? And I love this classic face, it is the perfect example of the mixing of our two families. I can see the Price side with the slack jawed look of one who is TV engrossed, and the Boyles eyes figuring out all he see's while his hands do something clever to pass the TV time. Plus you can spy the mole on his right hand that both me and my dad have as well. Love that birthmark. It wasn't something I realized we shared till I noticed we all had it after Alex was born. Love that mark. And notice his glasses, he could feed an army off them. Yuck! And the EARRS, the ears, those are totally Casey's ears and were the first thing I noticed about Alex when they laid him on my tummy. I was to tired and drugged up ( an entirely different post) to count his fingers and toes, but those ears. I remember telling Casey he had his ears and noticing the small bloody footprint on Casey's white polo shirt. The things I remember from childbirth...


lisa 11:50 PM  

I stared at that track for a full minute! Impressive balances!

I always wished I could have been there (well at an acceptable point!) when Alex was born.

gina 9:36 PM  

That track is awesome!

And the creator of Scooby died?! How sad. :o(

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