Friday, January 12, 2007

Come out Come out Where ever you are

Readers this one is all about you. I know I have some friends and not yet known to me friends who read my bloggity rambles, but you rarely leave me comments. And I must admit that some days I wonder if its just my dad and me reading my blog. Or me and Lisa since she would win my comment award if I had one.
So in support of National DeLurking Week I am asking sweetly with sugar and sunshine on top for you to come out from behind your monitor, touch your keyboard, and leave me a quick note, just so I know your out there. Because if no one leaves me a love note, I will know that it is just my dad and Lisa checking in on my rambles. Which means I will have to threaten them with a lifetime of Bella Licks if they ever stop reading. With that in mind I will leave you with this, my absolutely favorite card from Casey ever. Cracks me up.


Negin 4:28 PM  

I'm reading! I am bad about leaving comments :( I promise I'll show myself more though! hehehe!

MartyGentry 5:15 PM  


You know I read your blog!!

gina 11:36 PM  

Hey! I check in usually once or twice a week. I love reading your entries, and seeing the great pics you post. :o)

Karelle 7:23 PM  

I read too! I just don't usually have time to leave anything for you. Thanks for making me smile so often!

Denise 7:24 AM  

Well, Nicole, you know I read yours when I get a chance.

Denise...working moms refuge

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