Monday, December 11, 2006

Two week count down

Today I finished up a project that Alex and I have been working as a homework incentive.

Lantern lights in process.

Lantern Lights Hung, this shot is with flash so you can see them better.

Langtern Lights, full effect.

I was inspired by these at Posie Gets Cozy. Alex and I dug around in my craft box and found my old old orgami papers to make our strand. I just love the warm glow it gives his room in the dark.

Now that we are done with that project, I finally FINALLY get to devote couch/homework/lag time to this project. I am SO excited about it, just wait till you see the finished project.

It struck me to day how mellow I am with this Christmas. It is the fist Christmas in a while that isn't stressful or worrisome. It is nice, mellow, calm, and all most done. Casey and I still have to buy for bugman, but that is no problem. Today bugman and I and my mom went to a new Super store out here. I picked up some baking needs to tackle our Christmas cookies. I also pulled out my old Mrs. Field's cookie recipe book. It actually still had the slips of paper in it from the recipes I made Casey one Valentine's Day, like 12 years AGO!! Hello. Tonight we are going to make Chocolate Chips, Peanut kisses, lemon sandwichs, and eggnog sugars. And later this week we are going to make iced sugar cookies, I am looking forward to pulling out all my cookie cutters. Hmmmm, I must remember that these are for neighbors and not my tum.


lisa 9:24 PM  

This post made me very nostaglic. From everything to finding recipes you made in love.... to making christmas cookies (I should go to my mom's next week)

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