Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ornament Advent #5

Sweet little bird. I actually have two of these birds, they are part of a Wedding set. Our friend Camille bought us a set of ornaments that she customized with our weddnig date, names, and year. It came with garland and were meant for a mini tree. I think we actually got them as a wedding gift, either that or a Christmas gift. Anyways, I love his tail feathers and the entire set. I do think my favorite memory about this ornament was Camille's excitment over buying Christmas ornaments, she is our Favorite Mexican Russian Jew so ornaments are not something she usually buys. Gotta love her humor!


MartyGentry 11:23 AM  

So beautiful!!!


Anonymous 2:41 PM  

Helllo There,
I've got the same ornament here in australia on my tree..........very pretty!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 2:41 PM  

OOOppps forgot to say its nicole irvin from PI

lisa 8:32 PM  

Camille rocks. cool idea!

staceyfike 10:21 PM  

you have the best ornie stories!

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