Friday, December 08, 2006

The great big Snoopy Snow Cone Maker in the Sky

Today, drving down the freeway, just after escaping the LA-like traffic jam caused by a 6 car pile up, my windshield was attacked by bits of pebbles and dirt from the construction equipment building the new part of the freeway. Or So I Thought. I Think Wrong, because it wasn't pebbles and dirt it was SLEET and then, THEN (!) it snowed for a brief minute. Real snow, white fluffy floaty stuff, and then it turned to sleet again for HOURS. So please Oh Great Snoppy Snow Cone Maker in the Sky, please give us some more snow to enjoy, and please let it have a texas Shelf life of longer then 15 seconds. Just don't make it tomorrow morning when I am having a garage sale.


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