Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Good Life

I just came from our Pack Leader's meeting. Another mom there who is the den leader for the den above mine is always, always busy. Her husband is in the military and he is deployed right now. They have one 9 monhts baby girl, and twin boys that are 7 that they adopted. Both boys have some problems, one more then the other. The one boy in question was just diagnosed with schitzoferenia (sp?), ADD, and a slew of other things. He steals from her everyday, literally goes into her wallet or where ever she stashes cash or valuables and takes it all and then gives it away to other kids at school. He just pissed in his closet at home because he wants too and he still where pull-ups simpley because he doens't care if he messes himself. I have interacted with this kid many times and never really felt that something was wrong with him. He totally comes off as a normal boy, who is just excited to be there ( Cub Scouts). But talking to the mom tonight made me realize how well they hide it. Poor thing just got news that her husband will now NOT be coming home for Christmas, instead they are delaying him by a week. She is so stressed, so busy, so concerned, and so alone right now.

Today was one of those days where God tapped me on the shoulder to show me that my life isn't as bad as many many others out there. Now I want to clarify right now that I haven't been feeling the woe is me part lately, in fact, I have been motivated happy and really looking forward to a new year. But today's friend and her story really made me aware of what life could be like, and it reminded to me to thankful and say a prayer for the good life that we do have.


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