Sunday, November 26, 2006

Merry and Bright

Christmas is coming at the Boyles Household. The tree goes up today, and I am thinking of starting on the outside lights too. After making Chocohotopots by Nigella of course.

The sky is slightly smudged today, sooty with peeps of blue. It looks like it would feel crisp and cold, but it is surprisingly warm. Alex and I are flying solo and we have a loose schedule today, the last day before he returns to school. We have had leftovers for break-fix and lunch and plan on finishing off more later. He is iris deep in lego star wars 1, and I am so tempted to give in and sit and knitknitknit. I want the feel of bamboo and wool in my hands. I want the rhythm and click, the soft hum of creation. I mostly want to finish what is on my sticks. I have so much to do!

But first there is kitchen clean up, tree setup, Alex laundry, and mad amounts of vaccuuming due to the pups being inside last night, and then it is time to indulge in crafty goodness.
You can spy on my thankful journal, two christmas presents, and my ever evolving planner in here.

This project must end soon, I am getting B-O-R-E-D.


lisa 2:14 PM  

i fell in love with your fireplace mantel. come do mine!

Gina 6:13 PM  

your mantel looks FAB! I did the same thing - a garland with lights and decorations. No tree for us this year, so I decided I just had to have the garland! It turned out great - I'll send you a pic of it!

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