Sunday, November 12, 2006

The flannel is calling...

By all intents and purposes I should be sound asleep in bed right this instant. But the lingering issues with the router bothered me while I was enjoying the warmth and quiet and snuggly-ness that is our bed. So up I am and now blogging after fixing the simple issue.

This past weekend has been a mass of activity. We had our cub 'n one camping trip this weekend and Alex and I doubled up with our asst. den leader Misty and her two boys, one who is one of my tigers. So after a super early rising, a stop at McD's, a one mile hike into the forest with wagons and coolers in tow and multiple rescues of toppled pillows and sleeping bags, we were finally able to setup camp and then head to opening ceremonies. We fished, did crafts, shot BB guns, Archery, orientating, soccer, heard loads of happy shouts of Miss Nicole, and practiced nap taking, and flag etiquette all before our feet balked and made up park it in the field before the closing flag ceremonies. We had only one causality and that was Alex getting a fish hook in the side of his hand, luckily it was very shallow, but a small trip to the First Aid office fixed us right up. And then the night drama started, we waited in line for all most an hour before we could get dinner, BUT then we were smart and dashed off to the camp site to beat everyone to the hot showers (which we had for a really long time), then it was snuggle down in bed time and tell scary stories. I thrilled the boys with "bloody fingers" anyone else remember that? Then Misty's husband called and told us that it was going to be in the high 30's instead of the mid 40's. So I rearranged Alex and I's sleeping situation and we bunked down early for a cold night. And was it ever cold! But here is the random drama, our air mattress had a leak, so we ended up roughing it on the ground, the trains then came through (while I was having a dream about tornados) and then the coyotes got started from the train whistles and started venturing into camp. We had night terrors with two boys, and multiple wake ups to check covers and wake up exposed freezing hands. All to get up early, pack, struggle with the tent, re-hike it out of the park for a mile and back to the truck.

BUT we rewarded ourselves with real orange-aid at breakfast and lots of mellow time today.

So tonight, our warm flannel covers, temperature controlled home, and quiet neighborhood is very welcome... but I was thinking about the router.


lisa 2:13 AM  

this post set me up PERFECTLY to appreciate your flannel warmth right now. mmmmm

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