Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Mother Load of Food and Pictures

This was what the weather was like this morning, rainy!! I love the rain but having it pour during school commute time is not fun!

Warning: Folks there will be heavy pictures and mucho love for food from this point on!

Last night Alex and I went to the new Bass Pro Store that opened out here with my parents. Our mission was a sleeping bag for Alex, which I got for an AMAZING deal. Oh, I got Fudge too, Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Candy Corn for Bugman. It is very much like Cabella's (here is my post on that!) One of the main differences is that you get to actually touch most of the animal displays, seriously, if you want to pet a dead stuffed grissly, go right ahead.

The eagle was one of my favorites.

They didn't have nearly as many stuffed animals as Cabela's, and honestly the store seemed a bit sparse (maybe because it was the week after their opening weekend), but truely the best thing about the Bass Pro Shop was the restruant.

If you know me, you know I am always up for food. I can eat it, talk about it, make it, plan it, read about it, watch it, whatever, food is always a Go for me. Alex and I were going to have dinner at my parents house, lasagna, but then Dad (a fellow mega food lover) and I spied the restruant connected to the shop. Okay first let me say we were drawn to the restruant inside BPS because of this AMAZING fish tank, seriously Sea World quality. So we smushed our noses up to the windows and looked around, there were some people there, but it looked like staff training since the sign outside the door said the Grand Opening was the next day.

But on our way out, Dad had to get a menu from the girls at the door of the restruant just because he is always on the look out for a good seafood place. Once he gets a paper copy, we ask what is going on tonight because some people are going in. They ask us if we are friends and family??? Me being Cheeky and well me, say "We can be your friends and family!" She being GENEROUS and welcoming says "Okay, your entire dinner is on the house then!" Seriously, they invited us to the friends and family event that they were having. So our appetizer, entrees, salads, drinks, and dessert were totally on the house!!

Warning: This is were I moan and sigh over the food we had and pretty much show what turns me on.

OKAY, here goes...

First Funny Sea Monster and Alex, gotta have the cutie Kiddo in here.

Appetizer: Venison Stuffed Mushroom Caps ( I am not a mushroom fan but I told my Dad that we need to order things that we would normally never order, plus it said it was smothered in cheese, can't go wrong there)

I LOVED these, loved them!!! I ate my moms and pretty much stole the last one from my dad. Then I scraped every bit of cheese off the plate and told the waiter that he couldn't take it away. The mushroom caps were AMAZING, seriously the best appetizer I have ever had!

Salad: Cesar Salad ( different from my usual House with Ranch)

This Cesar was tangy and spicey, not your everyday garden variety dressing. Very very yummy, but I had to set it aside so I could eat my entree...

Bread: I didn't get a picture of it, but it was called Bimini bread, and it was sweet and had raw sugar on it. So good and a great balance to the food. Dad and I both said that a good solid heavy bread like a Sourdough is still the best to have with fish.


Mine: Grouper Portafino with Key West Shrimp and Lobster Sauce, baked Potatoe, and seasonal veggies.

Once again, AMAZING!!! I only ordered the grouper because our waiter reccomended it and its a slight silly for Casey and I, since he says I sometimes Grouper kiss...

Alex: Fried Shrimp and Fries
HUGE shrimp! HUGE! In fact Alex is having Shrimp for lunch today!

Moms: Crab Cakes

She said that they were not as good as Aunt Bea's Crab Cakes, but honestly in 20 years, nothing has ever been as good as Aunt Bea's, they tasted pretty great to me!

Dad: Sushi Grade Tuna Steak

On the menu they had a tuna steak with Wasabi sauce, which is what my other choice was, but Dad got the regular tuna steak for his entree, and man alive, that was a good choice. I can only imagine how amazing the steak with Wasabi sauce would be.

So after we stuffed ourselves with our entree's, we got to order dessert...

Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet
So good, so neglected since we were so stuffed! I immediately thought of Lisa with her love of dessert's.

Now it's time for some restruant shots, the inside was pretty amazing!

Yes, dear readers, you too can dine with a Great White chasing a bunch of Yellow Fin Tuna over your heads...

Or if a Hammer head Shark over part of the aquarim is more your style, fine...

But the Marlin going after Mahi Mahi will always be waiting along with various other fishes and things...

Alex gives Islamorada Fish Company, One Fist up!!


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lisa 12:12 AM  

i would have eaten that cookie. When I was in AZ I had some awesome ahi tuna. hey have you ever heard of rattlesnake beans with some native american herb that acts like a natural beano?

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