Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jupiter and Mars

After cleaning the pit called a bathroom and exposing myself to the fumes of various chemicals, some I am certain I should not have mixed, all I wanted was to blog about a lame memory, one of those where I show how much of my foot I can fit into my mouth, but I only see damn errors on my CD player, there goes the theme music. The universe is against my tunes, my CD player is having a sit in against Hump de Bump and Charlie and that pisses me off. So my laptop is pumping it all out on its tin-ny speakers, but it slightly satisfies.

I have fallen woefully behind on my garage sale prep. Seriously, I need to crack down this week and purge and pile. Alex's room is still slightly clean. His clean clothes are calling out for their hangers and drawers, but they escape my line of sight by sitting so quietly in the basket, so they wait.

And my piles of dirty clothes look just fine on the floor, really, they make adorable beds for Betty. Nothing is cuter then a half blind and deaf doggie sleeping away on my dirty jeans, panties, and tees.

Casey, smartly, pointed out that we should change our food storage situation. Currently everything is piled on the pantry shelves and over flow hangs out on the floor. Things like the Halloween candy and potatoes keep the linoleum floors warm. But now we have to be aware of Betty, our constant indoor floor sweeper. I don't think it would be pretty if Betty OD'ed on Nerds and raw potatoes.

If the above paragraphs don't clue you into my blah mood, let me just tell you that I am blaming country music. Since the damn error messages have been coming up on the CD player I have been listening to the only radio station, COUNTRY. Nothing can bring a happy girl down like the repetition of blame and cheating and where I was on 9/11 and trucks that get stuck in the mud. Not even the occasional ditty about butterfly kisses. It all has a melancholy undertone. Hence my blah mood. Just ask Casey, I have been sloth like and unmotivated and even the pink ring showing up around the drain of my sink can't wake me up to DO.

Damn country music. I should pirate the station and play nothing up Chili Peppers.


lisa 10:08 PM  

The only country music I like is the angry chick songs that tell guys to go to hell

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