Thursday, October 05, 2006

Excess in Spades

Piles and piles and stashes and stashes, all around me. Our home is over run with excess, too many toys, too many clothes, too many craft projects, to much debt (self inflected), to much weight ( my hips and gut really don't lie), to many things to stumble over, way to much to clean up.

Introducing Operation Garage Sale:

  1. I am going to take over the front room and make it my Pile and Price room. that way anything I want to get rid of in the sale will have a place to go to be organized. Right now I have three piles in seperate rooms that are vaguely marked for garage sale. And I want to price everything too.
  2. Price stickers will be lazer printed.
  3. El cheapo ad in the paper will be made.
  4. Signs for the entrances of the sub division will be made.
  5. Will strictly follow the room purge rules of: Do I need it? Do I use it? Does it make me Happy? Does it Fit?
  6. If the item is one of those on the fence items, I will store it in a box for three months. At the end of that time, if I have not retrieved it, I will donate the entire box without opening it. (scarey).

I plan on doing it right, getting rid of all the excess, piles to numerous to count. So I have to be brutual about the purges. That will be easy everywhere but in my craft room. But it has to go. While I purge I am also going to reorganize, and clean. All most like a mini mega spring cleaning.

Here is my room purge schedule:

  1. Alex's Play Room
  2. Alex's Bedroom
  3. Casey Office
  4. Nicole Craft room
  5. Kitchen
  6. Pantry
  7. Hall Closet
  8. Garage
  9. Shed

Goal Date for the garage sale: October 28th!

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MartyGentry 5:20 PM  

You,know,I'm not sure what it is about this time of year, but my house totally looks like yours right now, except worse,probably.

I have been planning to have a GS for a while now, but honestly I don't think I could have my stuff ready by the end of this month. I really wish I could.

I would also like to have a "Block GS" where all us neighbors get into it.

Anyway, good luck, and if you need any help,gimme a call!

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