Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cheese a la MexiAmerican

Growing up there was always one thing that my Dad excelled at in the kitchen, Cheese Toasties. To him the creation of the perfect Cheese Toastie was a fine art. We tried all sorts of cheeses, breads and techniques. In time, he taught me how he makes them, and I have adapted them to my style and my families taste. We use the whitest white bread I can find, processed American cheese slices, butter, and start them off in a barely warm skillet. There are zero caloric benefits, but it can't be beat in the feel good department.

Last night, Casey and I were craving warm late night comfort food, but we didn't have a lot of time before Jarhead started. We ended up making the same food just different regional influences. I was in charge of the Cheese Toasties, Casey was in charge of the Cheese Quesadillas. Add some Bean and Bacon soup and we had tummies full of water simple goodness.

Alex and I spent some time yesterday pulling out all the Autumn decorations and sprinkling little bits here and there. He is happy to have his Spookytown Village all setup and I am happy to have my fledgling pumpkin collection here and there. Add in some of my favorite mini quilts from my mom and it is Autumn in our household.


lisa 3:34 PM  

i. love. it.

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